Materials are the supplies used to do tasks in your organization. As you enter the materials used on a Task the cost is calculated and the quantity on hand is adjusted.

  • Enter an unlimited number of Material logs records.
  • If a material has any default settings, those values display when added as a resource.
  • If a material is marked as a Stock Item, and a Material log entry is added or removed, a quantity-on-hand adjustment is made.
  • If the organization is using the Advanced Resources extension, then Material Location is required when entering a stocked Material.
  • On the Material detail view, the Locations section shows just locations where the material is stocked.   The display can be filtered by location.
  • A material can be added more than once a day on a Task with the same or different price per unit.
  • Valid dates for entry are the Task’s Actual Start Date and Actual Stop Date time span. Estimated dates are not considered.
  • To use a Stock Item material on a Task, the material quantity on hand must be at least the amount used.
  • The Entry Date is used for material inventory calculations.
  • Used log entries removed from Time sheets are unassociated from the task. An increase adjustment is made with the log’s quantity and price per unit. A note is added to the increase adjustment similar to Record added as a systems correction for a deleted transaction.

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