The RESTful Web API include services for:

  • User Authentication
  • Retrieval of Existing Records
  • Creation of New Records
  • Updating of Existing Record
  • Deletion of Existing Records
  • Data Structure Discovery
  • User Permission Retrieval
  • Remote Import/Export Upload and Execution
  • Uploading of New Attachments
  • Retrieval of Existing Attachments
  • Retrieving of a blank Record Template with default values populated
  • Returning User Form Layout

The ODBC Compliant Import/Export Engine can perform duplicate data detection, partial data updates, simple field joins, splits and arithmetic and date-based data manipulations. Imports and Exports can be set to execute on a specific frequency.

User Interface

Request Management

Work Management

Asset Management & Analytics

Resource & Inventory Management

Report Management

Mobile Management

Workflow Management

System Management

Integration Management