Labor is a Resource in Cartegraph where the time spent by people is tracked to tasks. Labor costs are part of the overall costs of tasks and assets. The following are key things to remember:

  • For each labor record to work in the system it must be tied to a user account, and have at least one valid rate.
  • Be sure to include an email address and smartphone number in the records detail to receive notifications.
  • Task assignments are applied to labor records, and all-time entries should be made using the Time sheet or Distribute Resources task.

Labor Assignments

Quickly filter tasks with assigned labor assignments to follow through with the appropriate people or make assignment changes.

Assigned Labor is a collapsible section at the bottom of the Task tab’s layer panel.

The three filter options are:

  • All displays any task with at least one labor assignment.
  • None displays tasks without labor assignments.
  • Custom displays tasks assigned to selected labor records, usually yourself or for a supervisor to select members of a group or crew.
  • There must be at least one task layer for this feature to activate.
  • The Custom option expands the Assigned Labor section to add, select, and remove laborers.
  • Select or clear the laborer’s check box to include or exclude the laborer.
  • The Assignment Queue works as an OR filter.
  • The photo associated to the Assigned Labor is the photo in the user account record or primary attachment.
  • The labor record must be associated to a User Account.
  • Assignments are stored in the child recordset to the Tasks recordset.

Labor Rates

  • Labor and Equipment rates are required to calculate Task costs.
  • Rates are valid for a specific period of time.
  • Each Labor or Equipment ID may have rates with different rate names. For example, Labor may be charged at a different, higher rate when performing specialized tasks like crane operation.
  • Overtime and holiday rates are separate Labor rates which can be adjusted according to your organization and setup for individual laborers.
  • Rates with the same name may not have overlapping effective dates. The old rate must end the day before the new rate takes effect.

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