POPULATION: 18, 573 (2016 CENSUS)




The City of Pitt Meadows, BC nestled between the mighty Fraser River and the majestic Golden Ears Mountains, is a dynamic municipality with a population of 18,500 and growing. The City has long strived to achieve operational and financial excellence, and with the demand for efficiency always increasing, the City made the decision to leverage modern web-based tools.

“I see more work and asset management benefits, and more analytical intelligence as a result of the Cartegraph OMS implementation with Aptean iCity integration. The new financial system integration has greatly improved our confidence in our data. AGL has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process.”

Darrin Fast, Manager of Information Services
City of Pitt Meadows, BC
November 2018


Up until 2014, the City used the legacy Cartegraph Desktop Application with paper work orders and time sheets, and clerical data entry. Recognizing the importance of accurate and up-to-date information for the optimal use of funds, the City needed to provide field staff with a means of accessing real-time information, that allowed for immediate feedback on completed work, and that could do this in the most timely and efficient way possible.

In addition, a third-party integration between the Cartegraph Desktop Application and the Aptean iCity Financial Information System was prone to data integrity problems, costing the city additional time and effort to resolve resulting data anomalies.


In 2014, the City contracted Applied GeoLogics (AGL) to migrate their Cartegraph desktop system to the newly released, web-based Cartegraph OMS (Operations Management System). The City wanted a new perspective on their work management processes and were not interested in replicating their existing centrally operated legacy system. AGL worked closely with the City to review and decentralize all work processes especially for their field staff, eliminating paper while providing far more information in real-time while in the field. For example, performing asset inspections was streamlined through digital forms linked directly to the assets using the Cartegraph Fieldworker App for iPad. Field staff are now able to identify assets on a map or view the entire history of an asset to help diagnose and solve problems with far greater efficiency. Defined data domains are used extensively to ensure data compliance throughout the application and to support analytical intelligence.

AGL also developed a new integration between Cartegraph OMS and the Aptean iCity Financial Information System. Using state of the art Cartegraph web services to ensure all business logic is honoured, the integration includes full bi-directional flow of payroll, equipment rentals, stores inventories and accounts payable while automatically maintaining all supporting data sets. Supervisors now review and approve employee time entry directly inside of Cartegraph before passing it to Payroll for processing. Any adjustments made in Payroll or in the Finance System are automatically passed back into Cartegraph OMS.


Pitt Meadows now uses Cartegraph OMS in all operational divisions (Public Works, Facilities, Parks & Recreation, and Customer Service) for over a year. The City has provided staff with iPads to self-record work and resource usage, eliminating the need for paper and reducing considerable clerical data entry hours freeing up clerical staff to fulfill other priorities. Additional efficiencies are found by eliminating unnecessary travel time to the office for information updates. Tasks are now opened and closed in the field with feedback and useful historical information recorded for the next person servicing the asset. Citizen requests can be responded to in the field. Managers can see when work is completed or where additional resources need to be deployed to get the job done on time. The new financial system integration allows staff to rely on the costs in Cartegraph as if they were pulling them directly from Aptean iCity and vice versa.

This is just the beginning for the City of Pitt Meadows using Cartegraph OMS. As their asset data collection continues to improve by recording information during routine or reactive asset maintenance with ease and accuracy, their asset management capabilities will grow to meet the future needs of their community.


For more than twenty years, Applied GeoLogics Inc. (AGL) has provided Canadian public sector organizations with industry leading work and asset management software solutions alongside specialized consulting, project management, implementation, system integration, training and support services. AGL is unique in that its knowledge base is not only derived from a background in software development, but from a background in engineering, finance, and environmental best practices. With this, AGL can better help their clients to achieve their asset management objectives. AGL is proud to be Canada’s exclusive distribution, implementation, and support partner for Cartegraph Systems LLC.

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